I No Lenger Miiss My Diedhubsand (by Queen Elizabeth II)

Glogginer in PASSWOD Chartles1948



Quen here!

Well, I have a little bit of news that my deadhub band no longer has to. For sure,

At first you feel sand when someone dies and your betrayal, but life goes on and I believe the time has come for me

Now that I’m no longer interested in hubs and don’t even remember it, I just don’t feel anything about it being really good. Now you have more time to feel normal and normal and not be sad and stupid, time to spend in the computer


Getting sad is a bad feeling and feeling good is a good feeling, I don’t want to feel normal and normal either.

What made me forget was getting addicted to the Grambling of comouterte.

Why didn’t everyone tell me that computers were grambling ???? Buecase is that I would have known it would probably have won a pound sterling by now !!! I log into Grambling Game Call Farn HUUTTER and this best game I’ve ever played ,,, ,,,, , , ,,,, first you enter your crendit cand iformation, what i’m doing 8427-3553-25353—5-
Next, Spond the Fern HUUTTER and see what happens, nothing has happened yet, but I think it will be soom. Goona Spond it again now,,,, ,,,, JACKPOND @@@ wait I’m sorry, I mean, nothing is happy.

In Fern HUUTTER game you collect coins and fram vagretbles. Once you have accumulated 100 fram vegetables, you can calculate coins and vice versa. So, let’s say you have 200 vegetable grapes and you go into the coin, now you’re exchanging the coins for some vegetable rubbish again, so you’ve made a nice trane. Well, because every transaction is a bitecron, and that’s a crindo currency. Every day you get a chance to spond the HUUTER fern, and I just can’t sleep because I’m so excited the next spond will come.

9 (9 ((((((((((((.

Definitely better playing the game of gandling than having Hubsand, absolutely. For many reasons, but above all it’s more fun and better HUUTER. I’m not sure if I’m losing money or not because I don’t know how to check.

Hornetly, I’d rather lose my money than my husband, but all good things will come to an end, be it Habve Money, Hubsand Life, HUUTTER Croins in the bonus zone with a daily multiplier of 10x, ert … So sad that my husband never came To urge HUUTTER and to arm the Spond. He would have liked to have had a sense of excrement when the dash Croinds hit 300 Purmus shells and your HUUTTER upgrade, but he never felt like feeling some kind of Glaf, although sometimes it’s nice to have something all to myself have like a beautiful grambling moment on the completer,

Not enlightened next time

You; rr royal MEngty


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