IceSpice Age rapper Ice Spice video leaked on Reddit Twitter

Who is rapper Ice Spice: How old is she? Her latest private video emerges on social media. How fans reacted to it?

Ice Spice might not be a new name for many people who would be reading this post about this amazing and talented person. She is a raw rapper and a perfect craftsperson based in the United States of America which we can safely assume as the global capital of rapping.

She has been rising very quickly over a very short period of time as a rapper that people are recognizing across the globe. She is actually can be easily said one of the fastest growing rapper. She stays in New York and there is very famous because of her raw lyrics that she uses in her rap music that can easily blow your mind.

Ice Spice Music Career

You can hear her music anywhere in the world if you switch to some top music streaming platforms like Apple, Spotify, and SoundCloud. She has been receiving a lot of awards and honors and you can keep that aside if you know how many people hear her music. Getting awards is different but always getting appreciation from fans and followers hits different chord for any rapper around the world. She has got a long future ahead as far as her career in music is concerned for sure.

Ice Spice latest music and songs

Recently if you have followed the official Youtube channel of World Star Hiphop then you might have heard a music video that is Crunch (Feelin’ U). This is submitted by none other than Ice Spice and this music video is getting highly viral as her fans are loving it a lot.

Already by now she has released four music videos including Crunch (Feelin’ U). She has also written them herself. Ibtihaj, Be a lady, and The name of love are the other three. She also has done two singles called Menance Freestyle and No Clarity. She already has got more than 9300 followers who hear her music in Spotify.

Ice Spice followers on Instagram

The rapper is very close to touch the mark of one million followers on Instagram.

This is a huge number for a rising talent without any hint of doubt at all. Over the last 26 months the growth trend has been very high for her till now.

Her unimaginable style of rapping is making her unique and that is why people are easily remembering her. She is not just unique but also a very remarkable lady in rapping industry. It is hard to find another rapper as unique and remarkable as her for sure as of now.

How old is Ice Spice? Age and real name

Are you wondering what age Ice Spice might be till now? Well she is just 22 years old and setting the stage in fire and making people remember her name very easily. If you have not known her yet then this article might make sure that you look out for her music after going through this post.

She was born in New York and from her early age people around her could know her she was talented. She has a Youtube channel. The name of that channel is Ice Spice and has 7500 subscribers till now.

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