Indian Red Boy Dead on Instagram Live, Age, Killed

The latest breaking news is the death of the California rapper Indian Red Boy. His real name was Zerail Dijon Rivera. He passed away in an incident on the Instagram live. Indian Red Boy was the 21-years old growing rapper. He had 16.7K followers on the Instagram. His death news is very shocking and police authority investigating the case. Several videos claimed that he was on the Instagram live call with friend when shot dead inside his car. The young rapper uploaded the few song videos recently on the YouTube. Fans started recognizing him in the rapping.

Who was Indian Red Boy?

Indian Red Boy was the American rapper and artist. He was born in 2001 in California. He was very close to the friends and family. He shared his family pictures with the fans on the social media. With support of family and friends, he was getting success in the music field. India Red Boy’s real name was Zerail Dijon Rivera. His rapping skills were highly appreciated by the fans.

His videos and songs can be seen on the Tiktok and YouTube platforms. He had also collaborated with other fellow artists to release his new album.

Indian Red Boy Instagram Live Video

Few sources claimed that Indian Red Boy killed while on the Instagram live with one of his friend. His shooting video has been captured with one of the friend named Kapone. This proof may help the police in the investigation of the case. The voice of the gunshots can be heard in the viral video which is circulating on the social media.

The incident happened at Chadron Avenue (4 pm). He was killed on July 08 inside his car. The police reached to the crime scene at 4:10 p.m. local time.

Fans on social media

Fans and friends are paying tribute to the artist on the Twitter. There are lots of videos of Indian Red Boy songs and music which are popular. Fans are shocked and sad after loss of young talented artist of music industry. Rappers from the community also send the condolences messages to the family.

On the other side fans and family demanding the justice to the rapper. Reports claimed that this can be the revenge incident. The California police confirmed the death of the rapper and investigating the case as a murder case.

In Instagram live video, the gunshots and flashes can be heard and seen to rapper.

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