India’s Covid Disaster: Methods to Assist Victims and Frontline Employees

India’s coronavirus crisis is the worst since the pandemic began and is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Hospitals are full, oxygen supplies are dwindling, and sick people die while waiting for a doctor. As workers leave closed cities for their home villages, experts fear the exodus could accelerate the spread of the virus in rural areas, as it did last year.

Official estimates of the nationwide infection rate – well over 300,000 per day – are likely to be under counted, epidemiologists say. The reported number is expected to climb to 500,000 cases per day by August, killing up to a million of the 1.4 billion people in India from Covid-19.

Charities, volunteers and companies in India and beyond are trying to help the country’s Covid victims and frontline workers.

(Before giving money to any organization, make sure you are comfortable with it. In the US, sites like Guidestar and Charity Navigator rate nonprofits on effectiveness and financial health.)

Here are some ways to help.

  • United Nations organizations, UNICEF and the World Health Organization supply, among other things, kits for personal protective equipment, oxygen concentrators, diagnostic test systems and other supplies to India’s frontline health workers.

  • PATHThe Seattle-based nonprofit health care company has a team of 200+ people working in India sourcing oxygen and expediting Covid-19 testing and monitoring.

  • The International Medical Corps, who works in conflict areas around the world, raises funds for a campaign to provide medical equipment, PPE, isolation facilities and other essential relief supplies in India.

  • Which India The company has reportedly supplied more than 39,000 PPE kits, masks and other relief supplies to hospitals and frontline workers in India. The non-profit organization, which has been operating in India for 70 years, accepts donations of any amount.

  • The Association for India’s DevelopmentVolunteers distribute food and protective gear in most of India’s 29 states, according to a Maryland-based charity that works with nonprofits in India.

  • HOPE project, also based in Maryland, is a not for profit organization providing medical education, health education, and humanitarian aid worldwide. The group says it provided Covid-related assistance to 150 countries including India during the pandemic.

  •, a donation platform in Singapore for purposes in the Asia-Pacific region, is working with the Red Cross in Singapore to send ventilators, oxygen concentrators and oxygen generators to India. Individual donation campaigns also take place on the platform.

  • AmeriCaresA Connecticut-based non-governmental organization that specializes in emergency medical response is working in several Indian states to provide PPE, ventilators and other medical equipment and to educate people on how to prevent the virus from spreading.

  • The Indian Red Cross Society Staff and volunteers run blood donation drives, provide assistance and medical care, and provide other vital services across the country.

  • Youth Feed India and Helping Hands Charitable Trust deliver ration kits to vulnerable Mumbai residents. Any kit Contains staples such as rice and dal and will feed a family of four for 15 days. Donate here in a number of ways, including through Google Pay.

  • Two, A fundraising platform in Mumbai, a hot spot of the country’s recent Covid outbreak, is leading a campaign by hundreds of entrepreneurs to buy 3,000 oxygen concentrators. (The organizers tweeted live updates.)

  • FromU2Them, a non-profit organization in Mumbai, raises money for Ketto from individuals and Indian companies to pay for food and medical care in the sprawling financial center.

Shashank Bengali contributed to the coverage.

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