Is Bam Margera dead or alive? Death Hoax after Hulk Hogan tweet


People on Twitter started claiming that the stuntman had perished on Wednesday i.e. December 8th, 2021.
These rumors, however, are completely incorrect, and there has been no news of the 48-year old’s death. Bam Margera is alive and well at the time of writing this piece, according to public information, and he just posted on Instagram six days ago.

Bam Margera Death Hoax

Bam Margera has become the victim of yet another famous death hoax on social media. The 42-year-old rocketed to stardom in the early 2000s after participating in MTV’s reality show Jackass, and she now has a global following.

As a result, when news of the legendary skateboarder’s death began to spread on social media today, many panicked. The Bam death hoax began in 2018 when wrestler Hulk Hogan made the mistake of incorrectly claiming that the star had died.

Twitter users response

Hulk expressed his sympathies on Twitter, claiming that Bam, who was 38 at the time, had died. “Bam-Bam He commented beside a photo of himself with Bam, “I wish you were still with us, I sure would like to hang out again dear brother love u miss u HH.” He later realized he had made a terrible mistake when he mistook Bam for Ryan Dunn, a fellow Jackass co-star, and friend who died in a drunk driving accident in 2011.

In a subsequent tweet, he apologized, writing, “Got Ryan and Bam mixed up sorry Bam!!! HH.” Awkward!
Since then, frauds falsely reporting the skateboarder’s death have appeared on social media regularly. He is, nevertheless, very much alive. Bam stated in 2016 during an episode of H1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn that he had slid into alcoholism after rising to stardom in the early 2000s.

Bam Margera Career

Then, in 2019, he appeared on an episode of Dr. Phil to discuss his struggles with substance misuse, which began when he was a teenager. In the video, he also claimed that he has suicidal thoughts sometimes and expressed his disappointment at being dropped from the 2022 film Jackass Forever.

Despite this, he is still married to Nicole Boyd and has a 3-year-old son named Phoenix Wolf. Bam is active on Instagram, where he frequently posts photographs from his daily life.

He was born to parents Phil Margera and April Margera. The current net worth of Bam Margera is dollar 1.5 million. He is a popular star on Instagram with 2 million followers. He is alive and fit.

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