Is Canadian Sniper Wali Dead? Killed in Ukraine or not (Death Hoax)

Canadian Sniper Wali is Dead 

The recent news strike the social media platforms when everyone started to talk about Canadian Sniper Wali. The person has made up fame in less time making it impossible for people to know what happened in the past days. The whole scenario is based on Russia-Ukraine war. As per some sources, the Canadian Sniper Wali is dead. We are here to give you all the information relating this news.

It has been confirmed that high profile sniper Wall-E was killed in Ukraine but still no other media outlets confirmed this news. His death is now exposed to the world. The high profile sniper’s death is being called as propaganda news shared on Twitter.

Wali is 40-years old ace sniper from Canada.

Ukraine preserves its resistance to Russia as the battle enters its nineteenth day. Hundreds of individuals reacted to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s require international boxers to eliminate alongside the Ukrainian army and inductees. “Wali,” the “world’s most dangerous sniper,” stands out among the numerous. On March 4, Wali, a previous Canadian sharpshooter, and three other ex-Canadian soldiers, as well as a handful of British experts, are thought to have arrived in Ukraine.

Sniper Wali
Sniper Wali

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, he crossed the border from Poland as well as looked for haven in a rebuilt home before joining the Ukrainian military as well as citizen boxers. According to The Independent, Wali served with the Royal Canadian Infantry’s 22nd Regiment in Kandahar in between 2009 as well as 2011. In 2015, he purportedly volunteered to combat the Islamic State with Kurdish forces in Iraq. Report has it that the sniper may murder 40 individuals in a single day.

On standard, a sniper kills five to six people every day. Wali holds the document for the longest proven kill: in June 2017, he rejected an IS militant from 3.5 kilometres away in Mosul, Iraq, using a McMillan Tac-50 rifle. But recently some news came into havoc where everyone is wanting to know about Wali, if he is alive or dead.

Canadian Sniper Wali
Canadian Sniper Wali

As per majority of sources (confirmed), Canadian Sniper Wali is dead. We hope to get more information relating to this soon. We are trying our best to gather information on the status of Russia-Ukraine war, so far, this is the only update. Stay tuned to get more adequate information on the Canadian Sniper Wali life.

Ukraine is a country that has always been willing to stand up for its values and beliefs. In the wake of Russia’s interference, hundreds have taken up arms in defense against Moscow’s aggression and it seems they’re not alone. A new president with resolvent spirit took office few months ago; he’ll do anything required (even if means inducting boxers) so long as Ukraine remains independent.” We will update you as we know more.

Wali was a married man and had children. He started his career as a program engineer and later joined the military to serve the nation. Wall-E is a high profile personality in Canada. The death of world’s top sniper is a big setback for the Russian army and snipers. Wall-E died within 20 minutes of joining the Ukraine-Russia battlefield. This is really shocking!! that he didn’t get a single chance.

Looks like that his death was a propaganda news on social media. No media sources yet confirmed his death.

Note: We will update the post when his death will be confirmed by the government authorities or army. 

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    good ridance

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    Good riddance,he asked for it! Fuck Canadian libs. SLAVA RUSSIYA!~

  3. Redadz says

    According to many sources, the guy was killed 20 minutes after entering Ukraine 😁😁😁

  4. Bob Valdez says

    Too bad. Should have stayed home in Kanuck-stan and minded his own business. Same goes for others thinking to be ‘heros’ of the Ukraine. This is what waits for you, suckers.

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    LOL that is karma

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    I hope he’s dead. He deserves it. He never should come to fight against russia.

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    He wanted action — action awaited him.

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    What do you meen by “The death of world’s top sniper is a big setback for the Russian army and snipers”?

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    Menos um assassino que a merda ocidental tem como um deus ridículo. Quantos já se foram ? Quantos irão mais ? E a idiotia chora !!!

  12. TruthHurts says

    “Canadian sniper” Walli appears to actually be middle eastern origin? Anyways, this is timely lesson. Fighting Russia in Ukraine is not a “safari” for westerners to go to east Europe to kill Russians. The Russian’s in Ukraine are very serious, and will kill foreign mercenaries as saboteurs and enemy combatants – foreign militants have no legal POW status in Ukraine. It will likely be death sentence for foreign western mercenaries who venture into the eastern sector to fight the ethnic Russian separatist DNP militia from Donbass. The Ukrainian Asov Nationalist Battalion militia and DNP Separatist militia are bitter foes and are not taking prisoners.

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