Is Jaden Smith dead or alive? Car Accident Death Hoax (Will Smith Son), Fact Check

Death Hoax spreads like wild fire, especially when it comes to a celebrity. One such news rumor spread all around social media where Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith passed away. One random twitter account user spread the news without any confirmation, and unexpectedly the news spread all over internet. People who cared about the actor and singer shared their condolences, while other nerds dug deep to know the truth. Jaden Smith is alive and sound.

The Karate Kid actor, Jaden Smith’s death rumor is not clarified. The actual scene was when, one of the Twitter user shared online that Jaden Smith is no more. He met with accident and passed away early this morning. Many people started sharing this tweet, and the rumor spread all over Twitter. Even without knowing the truth on the news, people started sharing, photos, videos and their condolences with the family. But the good news is, Jaden Smith is alive and healthy. There is nothing to be worried about.

Will Smith is a great actor, and we all know that Jaden Smith has worked his youth to make fame and name in industry. He has acted in the film Karate Kid alongside Jackie Chan. This stands an accomplishment in itself. Later Jaden Smith took music as his career and sung a famous song with Justin Bieber. He has been continuously showing his talent to the world, and currently the ‘accident’ rumor that was running wild all around social media platform has come to an end. Jaden Smith is alive.

On 24th February, Jaden Smith posted a tweet ‘invisible’. This was to stop the rumors of his death all across internet. People were really sad and prayed that the news is fake, and by god’s grace it was fake. One of the Twitter user wrote “I checked Will Smith’s page several times, Jada’s page and Willow’s page I think it’s just a popularity stand! Jaden Smith is alive and kicking trust me!” This shows all things needed for understanding about ‘Jaden Smith’ life and alive.

The rumor spread like fire in the fans. The fans quickly reacted to this story and asked for the clarification on this statement. Jaden Smith may soon release an official statement on these rumors. Jade Smith is perfectly fine and we got no reports of car accident or incident. Jaden Smith has million fan following on social media platform Instagram and Twitter.

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