Is Kelly Price Missing? Found at unknown place Georgia


Missing report of singer Kelly Price was listed by the National Crime Information Centre on 18th September 2021. Today the singer is found safe at secret and unknown location. She has been reported missing at Atlanta area where she lives.

As soon as she was missing, authorities reached out his home to investigate. But they fail to find any suspected activity and evidence at her house. Officers talk to her boyfriend indeed regarding her disappearance. Monica Ewing discloses before TMZ that the Price was not actually missing but move to the separate place for safer covid- 19 recovery.

Price was Covid-19 positive in the month of July. After being diagnosed, she immediately admitted to the hospital in Georgia for Covid-19 treatment. The news got viral after the post of Price on social media “Instagram” on 29th of July. She was shifted to ICU because of her bad health conditions. But she take discharge from the hospital shortly and gone missing. Her children were worried about her health as she was not fully recovered from the Covid-19.

After being missing of Price, several broadcasting being done. Some of the relatives were saying that her boyfriend want to stay away her children with Price. That’s the reason the Officials asked her boyfriend too regarding her missing report.

However, now we can take a relief sigh in this matter. Price close representative mentioned that she will inform about the Singer current status, well being and health to Cobb County Police.

She also informed that the singer made the social distancing from her family because of Covid-19. Keep in mind the harmful impacts and easily communicability of this dreadful disease, she does not want to make suffer to her family. That’s the reason she self isolate herself temporary, so that she can be fully recovered.

Her recent project of New Orleans is being cancelled by keeping in mind about her health conditions.

She is a very famous and well known 48 years old American Gospel and R&B singer. She is basically born in New York and started her singing in Church in her very childhood.

The latest reports claimed that the singer is found and safe. She found at the known place in Georgia. Her missing report was a big trouble for fans and family. We hope that she is safe now. Kelly Price will share of this incident on her social media soon to clear the rumors and doubts of fans.

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