Is Kixstar dead? Michael Stockley of r6 passed away

The latest shocking news is the death of the Michael Stockley. It has been reported that he died on October 11, 2021 at the age of 24 years. Who was he? Why his death is shocking and big news for the social media and gaming community. KixStar is an American personality who is known as Rainbow Six Siege caster. He was the commentator of the R6 on his channel. His Youtube channel is popular for the contet and received millions of views and subscribers for his videos on Rainbow Six Siege. How did he died? What is cause of death? Get all questions answered in the article.

Who was Michael Stockley?

Michael ‘Kixstar’ Stockley was the popular American youtuber, caster and social media star. He was 24 years old and was born on March 9, 1997. He is the member of the official Pro League as the caster and commentator.

The Kixstar’s death news was shared through the Twitter social media by family members. They informed about the caster’s death.

Kixstar was the popular member of the R6 esports community. He had millions fans and viewers on his show. The community is shocking and depressed from suddent death news of Michael Stockley.

Michael ‘Kixstar’ Stockley Death Cause

Kixstar passed away at the age of 24 years. This year he casted the Six Invitational and the Six Mexico Major.

One of the fellow caster Parker Mackey shared his tweet informing the death of Kixstar. Many professional player and community members paid tribute and posted condolence message to Kixstar.

The fans and users reacted shockingly on Twitter after hearing the news. This is truely unexpected for many of his fans and followers.

The NAL playday has been postponed in honor to the Kixstar’s memory.

The death cause has not been yet told by the family members.

Kixstar net worth

The Kixstar net worth is $2 million. Kixstar was popular on Instagram where he has 32.4K followers. He also received awards and titles of the best commentator in the community. He shared videos on YouTube which have millions of views and likes.

Rainbow Six Esports also confirmed the death of Kixstar on Twitter. They posted a long sympathy message for the caster.

Kixstar is known as one of the pillar and backbone of the Rainbow Six Siege game. His loss will be felt by the community and fans. No one can fill this empty space. He was honored with Esports Awards color commentator in 2020.

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