Is Maile Flanagan Married? Wife Lesa Hammett (voice actor dead or alive)

American actress Maile Flangan is best known for her roles as Naruto Uzumaki. The actress is in mouth words of many Netizens. She has been searched all over the internet in recent days. So let us find out what is the actual reason behind this search? Before heading towards the secret behind her search, let’s just have a look on the professional carrier of the American actress.

Who is Maile Flanagan?

Maile is 56 years old beautiful actress. She belongs to American nationality and born in Honolulu Hawaii in United States of America. She is a graduate and post graduate degree holder. She is graduated from Department of Defence from Munich America High School in 1983 and then holds the degree in political science from Boston College.

Maile Flanagan Career

Maile has been the part of many projects including Bad Teacher, The Class, Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless many more projects. She has been recognized for his role in English dub of Naruto. There she give her voice and in Terry Perry on Lab Rats. She has also been the part of cameos in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Now let us put some highlights, why she has been the mouth words of Netizens today. Is she alright? Or she has done something. Let just find out and stay tuned till the end.

The actress has been the part of many projects including Bad Teacher, The Class, Grey’s Anatomy and more. She was recognized for dubbing Naruto in English language as well.

Is voice actor dead or alive?

This all started from the post on Twitter. Yes, a post of her name is getting viral in which she is declared death. Hearing this news, her fans are heartbroken and looking for more news about her death. The reason given in that post that she has been died due to diabetes. But we hunt many websites and news and get to know that this news is totally fake. And the rumors are being spreading out in the name of her death. She is absolutely fit fine and living her healthy life. For more knowledge, we should tell you that Maile is lesbian and she is happily married to Lesa Hammett in 2008. She has no shy about being married to her love.

The reason given in that post is diabetes which led to pulmonary aspiration. But we found many other websites with different theories on what caused it all.

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