Is Reva Dead in Obi wan kenobi episode 5? yes or no?

Have you recently watched the episode 5 of the Obi wan Kenobi? Is reva died in it or not? This is current ongoing mystery for the fans and viewers. 

Well the interesting series is something that makes us stay glued to it. Moses Ingram working with Inquisitor has finally revealed a huge truth about herself in a very new episode. It is said that she was discussing how a very unexpected decision might go on to jeopardize her life. This article should be taken with a pill of spoiler ahead warning dose ahead. The third sister in this series is popularly known as Reva and the Star Wars fans are always suspecting her for her secrets; the ones that we call dark secrets, they say pretty dark secrets. Keep a mark on that.

Many who are glued to this series are claiming a lot of things and as the fans are also predicting a lot of things with respect to this series. Many have gone to the distance of claiming that she was one of the very famous Jedi younglings who are known to be attacked by the stormtroopers at the very beginning of the episode one Kenobi. Her hatred for Jedi and all has started because she was expecting Kenobi to save the life of her friends, the failure to do so has started a hatred process in her mind.

Kenobi is the name, that actually convinced Riva to betray her master the very famous character, Darth Vader and actually even went on to advice her to backstab her master. As every single fan can understand, this was a very weak attempt as Darth Vader is a very powerful guy and this move could not work, and that is true. Darth Vader then screwed Riva for backstabbing her. The fighting prowess of Darth Vader is always second to none, all of us know it. The action scene showed how he can dismantle the weak opponents with ease, for sure.

Even though Kenobi’s attempt to betray his master was weak, it still convinced Riva that this could work. Of course fans know how things turn out for the bad guy in movies, he always gets caught. Kenobi is a name that convinced Riva to betray her master, the famous character Darth Vader. As every single fan knows this move couldn’t work and it’s true because of how powerful he was. The next episode will reveal the truth of this mystery.

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