Is Sachin Pilgaonkar dead or alive, Death rumors storming on social media

Rumors are circulating about actor Sachin Pilgaonkar death on social media among fans. Quick fact check here. 

People do usually spread fake news, and one that involves demise of someone is just outrageous. One such news became trending today when people started to share about actor Sachin Pilgaonkar. We are not aware yet about the death new of Sachin, but it is surely a matter of concern. His fans are taking the internet by storm to know the truth. If you are one of them who wants to know the truth, then continue to read the article till the very end to know everything.

Who is Sachin Pilgaonkar?

Pilgaonkar was the son of a family from Pilagaon (Goa) called Saraswat Bhrahmins. His father, Sharad Pilgaonkar was a film producer and also owned a printing company in Mumbai. He began his career as a youngster in Marathi film Ha Majha Marg Ekla. After retaking the role as a child artist in 65 films, he transitioned to roles in adult films like Geet Gaata Cha, Balika Badhu and many others. Pilgaonkar has been directing Marathi films since the 1980s. He started his career with Mai Baap (1982), and it received critical praise. But, it was 1984’s Navri Mile Navryala that he had commercial success.

Sachin Pilgaonkar Wife and family

It also starred his future wife, Supriya Pilgaonkar. Sachin Pilgaonkar’s death is a hoax. The rumor is currently spreading all over the internet. However, this information appears to be completely fake and made up. According to his Wikipedia, no information has been provided about the actor’s death. Pilgaonkar started his film career as an actor in a small role. He was originally supposed to star in Madhavrao Shinde’s 1961 film Soonbai. However, the arrangements fell through. Later, he was cast in Raja Paranjape’s Marathi movie.

Sachin Pilgaonkar fake death rumors

The death news of the actor are just rumors. It was shared as a part of the fake news. The actor will soon post an update or statement on his official Instagram profile regarding this fake news and rumors.

Even though the news is fake, people are heartfully worried, that’s why this news emerged trending. If you are one of those who is really a big fan of Sachin Pilgaonkar, then share this article with your friends and let them know that his death news is just a hoax. Follow us for more updates from our official sources now and then.

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