Is Tony Lopez married wife SJ Bleau? Tiktok star wife and family


Getting married and taking divorce is new normals now days. One more couple’s name is added in this list. Here we are talking about Tik Tok Tony Lopez and his wife Sarah Jade Bleau. It’s been only eight month to their marriage and in this eight month their marriage is going to end. Sarah Jade Bleau filed legal separation against the star. The couple does not have any kids yet. The very reason for the separation because there is very much differences in nature of both the partner. This statement is utter by wife Sarah itself.

But for more information we should tell you that the star Tony showing their relationship in opposite manner. Yes, according to his posts on Instagram there are no signs of getting divorce. Tony posted the picture, in which the first picture is of him along with his wife. He posted the picture for gratitude and showing the people he is thankful for. Even the wife Sarah also put the comment in comment bar writing Very thankful for you baby. Tony posted this picture on last Wednesday.

The beautiful duo married in the month of March this year. Both the couple is tik tok stars. The couple is recently residing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Sarah is well known as a Canadian Content creator and become famous after dancing like robot in the tik tok video. Sarah has also a very huge fan following over the social media. She has around 1.5 million followers on Instagram and she has her own You Tube channel. She created this channel in 2017 but start uploading content after 3 years in 2021. Soon after uploading content, Sarah get huge booster in followers to 33.1 K subscribers on you tube channel. Due to her huge popularity, she has been featured in other channels too including Young Hollywood and Tik Tok trends.

According to legal documents, Sarah is planning to take claim of $300k as her own separate property from the tik ok star. Both the couple asks to court to not provide spousal support to any of them.

The couple, who are both single and want to stay that way for the foreseeable future have decided on a legal separation. The reasons behind it is due in part because there were differences between Sarah’s personality which made life difficult with her high maintenance habits like going out every night while dealing with star’s need of having everything organized around his schedule ,giving him more attention than himself according to some reports.

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