Is Villanelle dead or not? Is Jodie Comer really leaving Killing Eve?

Oops! Are you hearing it right that Jodie Comer is ready to leave Killing Eve and that before the end of this season? It is also being heard that her character that had people glued to watching Killing Eve is dying before the end of this season. Yes, you are reading it right, Villanelle, the character played exceptionally well by Jodie Comer is dying before the finale. Now, this is something we call a legitimate reason to worry about if you have watched season 4 episode 5 of Killing Eve on AMC+ already.

Although there is not much information that has conclusively come our way, still this can be highly shocking for the ardent followers of Killing Eve.

What we can know from this episode is that Helene has set up Villane, the character played by beautiful Jodie Comer with an arrow in front of none other than Eve. Eve was also lured to that location. If you are thinking about how Eve was lured there.

Eve was made to expect that in that location obtaining information on Lars is possible. This mistake of Eve has added up to the past mistake when she had kidnapped the daughter of Helene thinking that she will get an advantage. But the plan failed miserably as it can be seen. Although we can sense danger regarded Villane but we are not sure at all about where it is going towards or where it is leading. Episode 6 Promo out! Villane is not seen

The promo of episode 6 is out and Villane is not there. So, is she going to die in episode 5? Or is it just fueling the shock among the audience? We are not sure, but we want to believe that Villane is not going to die so soon, and Helene should be concerned about it.

The news that Villanelle, the unforgettable character played by Jodie Comer will die before season’s end has people eagerly awaiting Sunday night’s episode.

Villane’s promo was released and she wasn’t there. Will they kill off the character in episode 5? Or is it just to amp up shock among audiences like you guys think maybe that might happen with Helene not knowing what happens next for her either way but still feels concerned about whether or nor this person lives through tomorrow.

Though there isn’t much information that has come to light, this still can be highly shocking for fans of Killing Eve.

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