Island Boys get booed off stage goes viral on tiktok: Watch

The recent rap viral song is “I’m an island boy”, this song was sung by twin brothers. They belonged to Florida, United States. This song was composed based on freestyle rap and they chose the signature line of their song as I’m an island boy. This rap song went viral throughout the internet and social media is using this rap song everywhere which had increased double popularity.

These twin boys brought viral sensation back; their names are Flyysoujla and Kodiyak Redd. They both are now seeing rapping off-key where many rap songs are in a hot tub pool. This phrase itself says about the song which went viral beyond other rap songs. These twins are now getting a lot of popularity, image, and attention on social media platforms. Especially on Tiktok and Instagram, many Tiktokers are admiring twins on their rap songs by promoting their song. Instagram reels are also filled with many videos on their Island rap song.

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Now the twin boys are hissed with their rap song and were very proud that they became overnight famous by a single rap song. But in the same way, twin boys are also receiving negative comments from strangers by pointing out the lyrics and some video clips. When negative people started making fun of them twin boys gave a savage answer that “that’s why now our song is the trendiest one on YouTube and the internet”

These twin boys Kodiyakredd and Flyysoujla are now notable all over the world for their song “Island Boy ” after their success they were invited to Miami’s club for a live concert. But unfortunately, they couldn’t make up for their huge opportunity on stage as the event went off their hands.

When they lost their confidence during the event many people encouraged them as “come on the show must go on” but it seems like the new rappers must think and check their confidence level before they perform on any other stage.

Now the island rap song owes 2.3 million views and is still counting on it. The net worth of Island Boys are not declared to the fans.

His latest clips are in trends on Tiktok.

They feel like overnight celebrities, since their single rap song became very popular in just days. The boys became sensation overnight on social media. They are getting fans love and reaction for their song performance on stage.

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