Ivy Reneau Instagram photos surfaced Oklahoma Teacher face charges

28-Year-Old Oklahoma Teacher Ivy Reneau Faces Felony Charge. Read up to know what happened? 

People usually cause their life through the decision that they make. But few of these decisions do not make us feel comfortable. One such incident took place when a 28 years old Oklahoma teacher was accused of been asking for wrong activity and also sending n*d*s to a 16 year old child. This whole scene was created when it was clearly depicted that a group of messages from exchanged between the teacher and the student. This may also have caused an arrest, but she isn’t in custody yet. To know more about this case, continue to follow the article till very end.

Who is Ivy Reneau?

Ivy Reneau, a former teacher at Midwest City Middle School, has been identified. She was the assistant soccer coach at the middle school. On the soccer field, where high school and middle school soccer teams play on the same field, she met the 16-year old high school student. Reneau was reportedly interested in Reneau’s student because he heard rumors about her liking her and wanted to see her run.

Is school teacher Ivy Reneau arrested?

The student and Reneau also exchanged texts and were supposed to have relation. However, Reneau got tired of waiting for her and blackmailed her instead. Court documents reveal that she also sent $120 dollars to the student three times in a row. Reneau is under arrest. Reneau is accused of using technology for misuse communication with minors. She is currently not in custody. Now as she is not coming to confess her mistake in front of police, she is under surveillance. The authorities are searching her, as it is an offence to even do so.

What’s the latest update in the case?

The boy is yet to confess what things have taken between the teacher and him. Only a little information has come out, and we are yet to know the core details of this situation. To know more about this case, follow us, we shall share each detail of this news as we get to know from our official sources.

The police were called when it became clear that a teacher and her student had been exchanging messages. The suspect is still at large, but could be arrested soon. The whole scene was created when the instructor’s tone of voice changed in response to one particular message from this boy.

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