Jasha Lottin video with boyfriend John Forest horrified Tiktok users

Who is Jasha Lottin and her boyfriend John Forest. The video which horrified the Tiktok and social media users

Photography is always awesome and the photographers always do great jobs. A photographer sometimes mesmerizes us too with ease. A photographer recently has purchased a very sick horse and then even shot it dead. Now this can get a bit creepy and shocking, but this was done for a photoshoot. This horse was shot dead so that a photoshoot can be done with a female model getting inside a dead horse. This has been a very typical case recently and people are heavily shocked now. This is a very complicated case as of now. You need to know more about it.

People are confused what this is because PETA is also lashing out very hard as of now. Iliza Shlesinger has also discussed with Alexis Archer too regarding Oregon police and said that they cannot charge the 21 year old woman for just taking pictures with dead body of a horse. This all saga happened after the woman had climbed without horse over that dead horse and these photos of her doing it has been making rounds all over the internet. This is a very terrible stuff and has been disturbing a lot of people all over the internet very recently.

These disturbing sets of photos are horrible in nature and the name of the woman is yet to be known. The woman has a boyfriend who had taken all this photos. He has been a professional photographer from quite a time. The graphic is disturbing but the police have said that the couple has not broken any law that is why they cannot charge the couple as of now. The photo was showing that the lady was soaked by the blood of the horse and she was pretending to bite it. This photo is very disgraceful as of now for all.

Well, we advise all the users to stay away from such videos and content on Tiktok. It is again getting viral on the different platform. The video consists of the cringe and disturbing content which is not suitable for the young kids. Well, it is an old incident which happened back in 2011. The internet is full of such things. We had seen an increase in the number of such videos on the Tiktok platform. Strict rules needs to be implemented by these social platforms.

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