Jean Arce joined son’s Neil Arce Wedding With Angel Locsin

Again am here to give you breaking news. No, this may not be so breaking but may be more delightful and joyful news. Another lovely couple ties their knot for forever. Yes, so I know you all are pretty much excited to know who these famous celebrities are. So, am pen down the whole article about the couple wedding.

So, here we are taking about a famous actress Angel Locsin and Film producer Neil Arce. They both are newly weeding couple now. They both get engaged two years back. Fans were eagerly waiting for their marriage. Both of them surprise everyone, when they reveal about their marriage in the You Tube blog. The way they told to everyone was surprised as well as funny too. The blog was shared on their you tube channel. At the end of the blog they started this news with a very casual phrase “oh by the way”. They both further stated that they decided to not wait for too long. Hence they both get married.

Both couple has shared some of their wedding pictures on social media. The wedding was looking quite simple and decent, as seen in the pictures. The photography was done by Nice Print photography as mentioned in the pictures. Even both of them were looking quite simple too. Locsin was wearing a white blazer with a pair of jeans and Neil was in the sweat shirt. Although, it is very casual but may be they love it.

Firstly, couple had decided to do marriage on 8th of November 2020 as they announced officially but due to Corona pandemic peak at that time, they have to cancel their wedding. The couple was spotted in doing charitable work during Corona pandemic. They both were helping the front line workers in their difficult time and also helping the communities too.

Neil Arce is a famous poker and businessman personality in the Philippines. He earned millions from the different ventures and gambling business. He is also the owner of few poker clubs in the club. He used to grab mainstream media’s attention for his relationship with Angel Locsin.

The exact figure of the net worth of Neil Arce is not open in the public. He almost earned the millions dollars from the different business and market investments. He is one of the top personalities in the Philippines who enjoys media publicity and attention because of wedding with star Angel Locsin.

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