Jeff Dickerson (Wife Caitlin Dickerson) dies from cancer, obituary


Catlin Dickerson is the wife of Jeff Dickerson, who is a reporter who died recently. It has been a piece of horrific news for everyone around it. This sad news of the passing away of one of the highly recognized reporters has made people feel terrible. He had created his name and got fame for more than two decades. He is a famous sportscaster, had carved his name in stone in the broadcasting sector.

The sudden death of this legend of the broadcasting sector has devastated his family and followers equally, and their emotions have hit an all-time low, without any doubt.

Catlin Dickerson Journalist

He was very famously known for his stint at ESPN sports channel, which had catered to the broadcasting works of Jeff Dickerson.

People have taken to various social media platforms to pray for his beautiful soul and pour condolences. His life has been quite a journey that had added a lot of followers and fans to his fandom. After the death of this legend, again his wife Caitlin Dickerson has come to the limelight of the news.

Who is Catlin Dickerson? Jeff Dickerson’s wife who died in 2019

Caitlin is famously known for being the celebrity spouse of the ESPN reporter Jeff Dickerson. Her husband died at the age of 44 sadly due to colon cancer he was dealing with, unfortunately.

Jeff Dickerson had been battling hard from a very long period of time. Then during a recent period of time, he was battling the complications of this illness he was suffering that eventually led to his unfortunate death, sadly.

Catlin Dickerson Death Cause

Catlin Dickerson also had died two years back, in 2019. She was unfortunately suffering from Melanoma for more than 8 years and succumbed to that illness finally in 2019. From last two years Jeff Dickerson was unable to come out of the trauma of losing his wife to unfortunate health troubles.

Both husband and wife coincidentally died in same hospital care facility to the surprise of many followers of Jeff. Although Jeff died at the age of 44, Catlin was just 36 when she had retired from life.

Caitlin Dickerson is a verified journalist personality on Instagram from United States. Her husband death is a big shocking news for reporters and journalist who are friends.

As per reports, he died from cancer. The net worth of Jeff Dickerson is dollar 465K. Many paid tribute to the reporter on Twitter media.

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