Jeff Younger of North Texas faces backlash from University Of North Texas Students

The internet is abuzz with talk about Texas House candidate Jeff Younger, widely known for his anti-transgender comments. The students of the University protested against him in campus. Also he is being slammed by students on the social media. He recently visited the UNT in order to speak before a group of students who are organizing an event later this semester against hate speech on campus. Who is Jeff Younger? He is a businessman in USA who went to the University of North Texas for the speech. The Texas House Candidate has faced the negative response from the students after the shared his views on transgender topic. Know in detail Jeff Younger’s full story.

Who is Jeff Younger?

Jeff Younger is a Texas based businessman. He is also campaigning for the election of the Texas House of Representatives. He latest comments and views on law is getting fierce response from the locals and students of the University . Additionally, he plans on changing family law handling in Texas state.”

His career in the US Army has given him experience that would make any recruit green with envy, but it’s his time served as an Infantry Assualtman for both MarineCorps and Regular Forces military units which truly sets this man apart.

Jeff Younger Work and Business

He has been working in the oil industry for over 20 years. He is not on Wikipedia, but he still manages to make an impact by being critical of transgender rights and anti-fascist sentiment within that field

He’s currently facing a lot hate from people who think his viewpoints are too extreme or terrifying – even though they’re only opinions! His voice became something internet joke Posts about him went viral last week because everyone seems willing enough overlook any flaws when it comes down selecting sides.

Jeff Younger Net Worth

The Jeff Younger net worth is in the billion dollars. He is a Texas based businessman who has company in the oils and refinery sector.

Jeff lost custody of his two children with Anne Georgulas after their divorce became finalized last year. Since then, he has been dating other woman who is also a single mom.

Jeff’s visit to the University of North Texas was not an enjoyable one. The students seemed unhappy and even angry with his presence, as evident by.their response in this video that has gone viral over Reddit and other social media platforms online!

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