Jessie Duarte Ex Husband John Duarte Death, Illness and Family

Who is Jessie Duarte Ex Husband John Duarte Death? Children and Family

Jessie Duarte if you know this name it never needs any introduction at all. She is very popular among the masses because of her political works. She has recently died and as she died many people have got highly curious to know about her death and her personal life.

She had married her ex-husband John Duarte previously and that had made a huge headline during that period. She is well-known for her social activities which helped her to establish herself as a good politician. Her work has always stood well for people around the globe. She would always stay in the folk tales of the political scene of South Africa.
Jessie Duarte has been a top politician in South Africa. She was also the interim secretary-general of the African National Congress. Her career progressed from national politics to continental politics very soon. She was also known for her anti-apartheid activities and she did this activism for a very long time.

Jessie Duarte Career

She had also held really good positions throughout her political career. She was influenced by Nelson Mandela when she worked as his special assistant. That was a huge honor in her political career that she could never ignore at all.
She was also a very active member of the Gauteng provincial cabinet also known as the MEC. She also went to Mozambique as an ambassador. She was also the ANC spokesperson. After all these, she ANC took the role of deputy secretary-general in 2012 and stayed in that role till her death.

Who was Jessie Duarte Ex-Husband John Duarte?

John Duarte and Jessie Duarte had a very lovely relationship and also had two children after they married. It is said that there were some disagreements between both that they could never solve, that is why they divorced in 2001. Jessie Duarte once was held in 1991 without being tried and that remains her only dark phase till now.

How did Jessie Duarte pass away?

Jessie Duarte early in 2022 took a sick leave from the ANC, also known as the African National Congress. She was not involved in the political scene after that. Later when media outlets became curious and started questioning her, she confirmed that she was fighting against cancer.

This fight was lost and this legend passed away. This has been a very unfortunate scene for this lady till now. Hopefully, things for her family get fine soon.

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