Jewayne M. Price, Suspect of the South Carolina Mall shooting Arrested

Are we safe in public? Do we need to be more alert to stay a normal life? The reason behind us questioning is because of the recent shootout in the South Carolina Mall. With almost 14 people got injured, we are still catering information on the suspect. As per the latest tweet by the authorities, the name of the accused person is Jewayne M Price. More details will be with us very soon as the authorities are currently investigating the case. To know more, follow us till the very end.

Who is Jewayne M Price?

Jewayne M Price is a 22 years old person who was a suspect of the shooting that took place in the South Carolina Mall. He was found with a pistol, and was arrested lately by the Columbia Police Department. As per the Columbia Police Chief W.H. “Skip”, Jewayne was one of the three suspects that were involved in the controversial shooting in the mall. He came into the limelight soon. As per the investigation, authorities do not have any additional criminal record of this man. He was living a normal life, and there is no personal information or professional approach of the accused yet.

South Carolina Mall shooting

Almost 14 people got injured in the South Carolina Mall shooting. The suspect got identified, and his name was announced on by the tweet from ‘Columbia Police Dept’. As per medical records, the 14 people who got injured were of age 15 to 74, and apparently this is a sad news. People aren’t feeling safe been in their own country and in this situation, spending time with their loved ones in a shopping mall.

14 innocent killed in the shooting

After this shoot out, people are curious on knowing personal information of Jewaye M Price. We aren’t aware of the religion, but he can be a Christian or Catholic. His nationality can be American. Stay tuned with us and tag along for further updates from the Columbia police about Jewayna M Price, the prime suspect of South Carolina Mall who injured 14 innocent people. We will update you once we hear something from the authorities.

As per the latest reports and statement from police to media, the suspect of the shooting has been arrested by the police. And her name is Jewayne M. Price. Police is continuing the investigation and may soon conclude this case. The authorities will release a press release after the final investigation report.

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