Jimboboii Twitch Shooting Buffalo, wyatt_coto video reddit /Twitter

Jimboboii Twitch video goes viral on Twitter after Buffalo shooting livestream, check the full story

Recently a piece of news has again become viral all over the web including the social media platforms. With everyday a celebrity or other news getting viral this time we are covering about a very famous Twitch streamer. He is famous with the name Jimboboii and he is in the news for unfortunate reasons. What is the whole case and what actually happened.

This Twitch streamer has been reportedly detained in a case recently. He has actually been in jail because he was shooting at a crowd and has actually killed more than 10 people actually. This is a very shocking news for his fans who were watching his stream in a very regular manner. The detailed video of the incident has been shared on the reddit pages and Twitter’s accounts.

He is famous by his real name too that is Payton Gendron and on stage he is highly popular by the name Jimbonboiii on the Twitch platform. He is very sadist person. His sadist nature can be confirmed by the stuff that he was actually filming the whole incidence while he was killing the people on the stream. People saw it live in his Twitch streaming account. This was a very unfortunate stuff to do. It also actually helped him gain a lot of popularity though but it was not for the right reason as majority of the public started to hate him.

People are talking about this news a lot and it has spread all over the world like a wildfire. People are even curious to know more about this unfortunate news and understand what actually the whole matter in this ridiculous activity was. This is actually a hot topic currently and people want to know more about this Buffalo supermarket shooting incidence. This streamer actually travelled for hours to go to this city and actually start shooting and in this process police found 10 causalities who died on the spot due to this incidence.

The video sparked a new controversy on the social media. The users reacted to the live stream video and demanded for an action for those who involved in the incident. The shooting incident took place live on the Twitch platform and shocked the viewers.

Police may also take action against the streamer as many users reported the video and called for an action.

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