Jmu Student Death or Suicide: Who is student Dylan Rowell?

Young talent is passing away from this world soon. This is surely a thought that everyone among is wondering. Looking forward to the situation, Dylan Rowell died around 10 days ago on 31st January 2021. He was young and aspirant personality. People have been paying tribute to this wonderful guy. Hoping that his soul rest in peace. Even though he wasn’t known by many of us, but his story does touch the heart of people who read.

Dylan Rowell was born in 2002. He was 19 years old and passed away on 31st January 2022. He was a graduate from Northfolk Collegiate School. His death was sudden and no reasons are given yet. He bagged many competitions awards and medals during his time at school. He was also a life guard at Virginia Beach SPCA. With his sense of humor people use to call him Happy Dylan. Wasn’t that sweet? We know very little about Dylan family.

His mother Dorothy C. Rowell and his father Joseph W. Rowell are in deep trauma of losing their son at this very young age. Dylan had a brother, a sister and brother-in-law and a nephew. As per sources, people are pointing his death as a suicide case. But many people are finding it unlikely for such a person to give this life. Dylan’s visitation was scheduled on 5th February 2022. People came forward to show their condolences to the family. All the donation and flowers went to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Some of the amount was diverted to Virginia Beach, SPCA as well. People are showing their sorrow on losing such a talented person. They are paying tribute to the person all over internet. In this situation it doesn’t matter who the person is. The accomplishments make us feel sad and share our condolences with the family of the decease. We do not have any official statement on the death of Dylan Rowell right now. Stay connected to know more about what is happening, we are here to keep you updated.

The death news was first sparked on the social media. Many students raised question on his death and asked for the investigation. Dylan was freshman at James Madison College of Harrisonburg. The college admin and students are shocked from his death. Police investigating this case to find the truth and know the main cause of his death. A gofundme page was also made to raise funds for family.

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