John Bartolo Death confirmed, UFC Podcast Host died and obituary

John Bartolo, the UFC Podcast host has passed away. The news is confirmed through Twitter. One user shared the message:

“John Bartolo was an amazing friend to me and GnG. Anyone who knew him became better person because of how kind hearted he always seemed, even when we were young kids playing video games all day long. My broken heartedness is overwhelming but i will honor his memory by carrying on what he loved most: gaming with friends online or face-toface at tournaments – just not sure where you’ll be anymore since life moves fast these days…love ya bud”.

Who was John Bartolo?

John Bartolo was the popular YouTuber who is known for the UFC Podcast show.

John Bartolo, the American radio host best known for launching The John Barolusto Show and who passed away last day. He was born on June 27th 1981 in Massachusetts to an Italian father and a Puerto Rican mother. He spent most of his childhood moving around before finally settling down when it became clear that this would be where he wanted to make home long term. He was successful on the YouTube and had over million subscribers on his channel.

John Bartolo Death Cause

John Bartolo passed away at the age of 40. His death was announced by his management team on Instagram, where they shared some memories and said goodbye to their friend who had been a part of so many things over the years – including shotgun sportsmanship.

“It isn’t every day we talk about shotguns,” read one comment from someone clearly upset that such an important person could be taken away from us too soon…

We are all feeling very sad today as we lost one of the most important members in our friend’s life. It is never easy to watch someone die at such a young age and it pains me that he will not be around any more, but I hope his memory lives on with us through this message which was sent from my heart out flares funeral.

John Bartolo Net Worth

John is a successful podcaster and has been for years. His work on the show has helped him amass quite an impressive net worth, but he’s never discussed how much money that really makes him! We do know that most of it comes from behind-the-scenes roles with podcasts like The John Bartolo Show where you’ll find out more about this fun personality soon enough.

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