John Kelly Tiktok Death? How did he died? Confirmed

Many sad news of stars death are coming these days. Today, we are here to get you familiar with the death news of John Kelly. What is the reason behind his death? Let us know all the tiny details related to famous Tik Toker death.

Famous Tik Tok star John Kelly died on the last Saturday, 7th August 2021. This news is confirmed by his son. Tik Tok is a social media platform famous for the dancers and actors who show some kind of activities either dance or signature moves over it. Many famous stars emerge out form this platform. From one such star, you may probably know about the famous step-father-son duo John Kelly and his son Tex Keith. They are very famous for their comedy skits and wild trends. The duo has around 2.5 million followers with thousands views on their Tik Tok videos daily.

The sudden death of John leads his loved ones in shock. Although John and Tex are not having blood relation, but the relation they are sharing as a step son- father is really inspiring. His son Tex is very much in shock and share a long post on social media over the death of his beloved father. In his post, he was appreciating his father as he made smile on everyone face. Even John aspire others to follow the father son relationship same as he shares with him and his younger brother.

The comments were over flooded as soon as the Tex uploaded the video of his father death news. Fans were showing respect to the beautiful soul and give condolences to John friends and family to being strong in this stressful condition.

The exact cause of John death is not known yet, but it has been spotted that John has some health issues since long time. We are still finding the reason of his death.

Tex has also started a page GO FUND MEPAGE for the funeral expenses with a goal of $15000 and the fund had already reached $12000 in two days. May his soul will Rest In Peace.

The Gofundme reached the goal already as this campaign was highly supported on the social media. This is a hard and tough time for the family as someone lost the loved one.

The Tiktok video is highly viral in the United States. Many commented on the post expressing their emotions, feelings and support to the son and family.

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