Watch: John Wick Mamelodi Video Viral on Twitter, Facebook

It’s no surprise that the recent case of deaths in Pretoria, Mamelodi due to factional battles has left everyone shocked. It is a very sad event for all those involved and their loved ones who go through this pain every single day. The people on social media are sharing news about it rapidly because they want others around the world know what’s happening right now so something can be done before more lives are lost! Check and watch the John Wick Mamelodi video and know the behind story of the incident. It is now again hit into social media headlines because of the latest reveals in the story.

John Wick Mamelodi video

One of the most feared criminal groups in South Africa is taking over Pretoria and Mamelodi. The violence between these factions has caused death to be a constant threat for all those living there, not just high-profile individuals or ordinary residents like before when it only happened during conflictive moments where criminals could show off their power by killing others until they themselves were killed as well.

The Mamelodi community is in shock after seven people were killed within two weeks. They believe the killings are related to a popular movie series called John Wick, which features an antihero who hunts down and kills those against them – just as these criminals did! One resident said they feel like every day police come by looking for clues but no one has been arrested yet.

What is the full story?

John wick is a name that’s trending in Mamelodi. The residents there say he targets the notorious group called Bokoharam and their ilk, who have been terrorizing this part of town for years now with no end in sight as far as we can tell (except maybe if you stop them).

The boko haram faction came into existence after one wrong Temper or dispute with someone else over territory but they’ve since gone on to cause trouble all across south Africa under different names like “Bafarasai”. We don’t know what will happen when these two rival areas decide it’s time to settle accounts again though; things always get pretty bloody around here when people start fighting back!

Mamelodi social media was abuzz after the killings. The death has been linked to “John Wick” – a 2014 movie series in which there’s one character called John Wick who hunts down other people and kills them with his gun (or blade). The events at hand here are reminiscent of this film; it appears that rival groups were targeted for revenge because they’ve wronged you first before your enemies do so later on .

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