Jonathan Van Ness and Nicola Coughlan Friendship Photos

When it comes to celebrities that I’m obsessed with, there are few who rank higher than Queer EyeJonathan Van Ness and Bridgertonis Nicola Coughlan. I didn’t even know I needed these two pure baby angel souls to be friends until suddenly they were cheering each other on from afar on social media.

The couple’s (platonic) love affair was first published on January 14, 2019, when Nicola posted a photo with Jonathan on Twitter and titled it “Obv in love ❤️”. They have celebrated together since then, as Northern Ireland legalized same-sex marriages and abortions, called the New Year together and celebrated Nicolas’ birthday in London.

But it seems like the love started long before they posted their first photo together. In March 2018 Nicola published a video on Twitter in which a hoodie she had made herself was shown, which shows Jonathan’s face in the front and in the middle. So the moral of the story is: dreams really do come true team.

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