Julia Ostanissue viral video scandal on Twitter leave fans shocked

Julia Ostanissue is the model and web star who is making into headlines for the latest viral video. Her new clip shared on Twitter which quickly came into trends. There are different rumors circulating on this new scandal. Her video is also known by name Julia Gwyneth Ostan. The Facebook post of model has been flooded with thousands of queries and comments. Most of the users are asking for the videos and photos. Who shared the Julia’s video on social media? And why it is top trend on Twitter. Here we tell everything about it.

Who is Julia Ostanissue?

As per rumors and available sources, Julia is a content creator and model. The personality is popular in Philippines. The latest video of model gone viral few days ago. Also she holds title of new Lin Ai Minuluan. After the video leak, she gone massive fan followers on Instagram and Facebook. The current status of her Insta id is private. She only accepting the requests of few followers. The video is also titled as the “blue eyes” girl.

Julia’s age is under 30 years. She is a young beautiful influencer who began as model in country.

Julia Ostanissue viral video

Along with this lady, there are different names getting viral who seems to be linked with video. She is also in news because of one more reason which is rare disease heterochromia iridium. This means that she holds two unique colors. It might be possible that she is being talked highly for this reason on social media. Julia is also a Tiktok users and her account id is @liagwynyth. She shares short clip posts for fans which are entertaining.

We are not yet aware of the name of Julia’s boyfriend. She had not posted anything about her life.

Julia Ostanissue Twitter

Julia Ostanissue profile is flooded with lots of new users and comments. In the coming days, further details will be revealed of the video and girl. Julia is now a famous name in Philippines because of video and photos. Everyone on social media is talking about it and posting videos on Youtube and Instagram.

The girl is into the gossip because of the blue eyes video. It has been shared by unknown users and later it became viral in fans.

We urge fans to be aware from fake videos which are being shared on Twitter. The full report on it will be updated soon.

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