Karissa Rajpaul Death: Instagram, Facebook and movies

The Mother daughter duo are behind the bars for the charge of injecting clients with a liquefied silicon mix, promising for making attractive buttocks. The duo come into highlight when the KARISSA RAJPUL aspiring influencer, 26, losing her life after the procedure. The duo travels the influencer home with their equipments and performs the procedure. The aspiring adult film actress illegal butt surgery turned deadly.

Mother Libby Adame, 51 years old and Daughter Alicia Galaz, 23 years old were arrested on 5th of August in California. The actress died at the local hospital few after the surgery.

Prior to her surgery, Karissa Rajpaul went to social media platform, showing her lying on the table to undergo the butt augmentation procedure which was performed by Adame. NBC LOS Angeles give the statement that the surgery took place in the private home in ENCINO.

Who is KARISSA RAJPAUL? Who is Karissa Rajpaul actually is? She was a 26th Year old emerging girl. She moved to the South Africa to California for work. According to the reports, it was the third surgery of the Actress. Last two surgeries were fine to her and performed by the Libby Adame herself. This is the reason she went to her for her third surgery. Second surgery took place at September 2020. But unfortunately, in third surgery she passed away.

Police is seeking for others victims too. The two were the unlicensed and recruited their patients on Instagram. Everyone knows them by the name LA TIA. Police have confirmed that they injected liquid silicon into blood and when it’s hit the blood stream, it attacks the hearts, brain and kidneys of the person. LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton give statement that these drugs are very dangerous, unlicensed medical practices that are digitally marketing themselves through social media platform. The duo travelled without the emergency kits and they would leave the patients in the same conditions, if the surgery went wrong. They both charges amount between $3500 to $4500 per surgery. While it took around $15000 for these type of surgeries.

Police are still looking for more evidence against the mother – daughter duo.

This is a very strange case from the United States. The police started the investigation against the mother-daughter duo. Fans are also demanding justice and rightful in this case.

Karissa Rajpaul was the model and content maker who worked in the industry since long time. The report of this case will be submitted soon.

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