Kasia Galliano Instagram profile, husband of former Qatar Princess

Who is Kasia Gallanio? Former Qatar princess found dead in Spain. Read full full report. 

There is another case of death of a famous person again. This is a highly curious case as this time it is not about any celebrity but of a princess. This case is different and this has happened in Spain. Spain police has recently found a former princess of Qatar dead. She was 46 years old lady and was found dead at her home on her bed. This is the fresh report as far the Spanish police information is concerned. This is a case that might create a lot of problems as this lady was the former princess of Qatar. The world media is shocked from the news and covered the report.

Who was kasia Galliano?

It was a Sunday morning when this thing happened, and the name of the princess we are talking about is Kasia Gallanio who was found dead in her apartment in the Sunday morning. It was in Marbella, a Malaga province as far the police spokeswoman has said with concern. After getting information from the daughters of the former princess in France that their mother is not picking any call at all, the police went in to check out what has actually happened. This is as far as we know from the spokeswoman of the Spanish Police. Further works are being done with respect to this case.

Kasia Galliano Husband

Miss Kasia Gallanio was also going through a troubled marriage situation although she had three kids with Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani with whom she was married. He was the uncle of the Emir of Qatar as far as the report from Le Parisien, a French newspaper is concerned. The battle for custody was really long and the fight involved Miss Gallanio saying about the sexual assault from her husband. It was the father who lived in France had got kids to live with him as far as the report from the French newspaper is concerned.

Also Kasia is a popular personality on Instagram. She has 556K followers on her personal Insta profile.

Kasia Gallanio Death News

Former Princess of Qatar, Kasia Gallanio was found dead at her home in Marbella. The police are investigating the case as a possible drug overdose and have begun an investigation into how she got access to these illegal substances that caused such severe damage to both body and mind.

The once beautiful royal had been living life beyond typical society standards for quite some time now which led many people close with her. Now, her death is matter of investigation by the police.

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