Kathryn Dennis Break up with Chleb Ravenell (Boyfriend Instagram)

Controversy is the second name of the entertainment industry. The latest among this is the controversy surrounding Kathryn Dennis. Her latest Instagram post with a man with whom she was never seen before has taken off the rumor about her relationship with her present boyfriend. Many people are trying to dig deep and wonder if she is still with Chleb Ravenell.

Recently in April 2021, Kathryn Dennis had confirmed that she has been in a relationship with Chleb Ravenell as they were moving in together to build a life for themselves.

Is Kathryn Dennis still dating her boyfriend?

Recent moves create a shadow of doubt over the present situation of their relation. This article contains everything we could source about their present relation situation.

If rumors and various sources are to be believed then Kathryn and Chleb are no longer together and have moved on in their own life.

Although both Kathryn and Chleb have not spoken anything in public about their current relationship status, sources close to them revealed that this couple has pulled the curtain over their relationship.

It is also revealed that even though she has broken up with him and they are no longer seeing each other but they only wish good for each other’s future.

Digging the Instagram of the Star

Taking a further look shows that Kathryn’s Instagram does not have any single photograph with Chleb and also Chleb is not usually active in any social media platform.

If you still dig deep into the Instagram account of Kathryn then you will see that she has a cryptic post where she has stood with a man. She captions it by saying, “Okay, alright, that is fine, okay.” This has blown up the fire of rumors among Kathryn’s fans about her alleged relationship with this new unidentified man.

If you want to look at another side of the coin then she can only be friends with her. Even though her fans asked her if he is her boyfriend, Kathryn opted to remain quiet.

Kathryn’s Marriage with Thomas

Kathryn was married to Thomas Ravenel and they have two kids together. Unfortunately, they had separated in 2016.

Kathryn Dennis is a Instagram influencer with over 945K followers. She in into the headlines because of her break-up with current boyfriend Chleb Ravenell. As per latest report, both are separated now and announced separation on Insta. We will have more gossip on this story soon.

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