Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Divorce Particulars


After nearly seven years of marriage, Kelly Clarkson filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock last June. The couple married in 2013 and they have two children together, 6-year-old daughter River Rose and 4-year-old son Remington Alexander. The details have slowly unfolded since their split, and Kelly recently covered their split on the December 1 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. “I’m going through one right now. It’s horrible. There are so many difficult parts. The hardest part for me are the children. This is the hardest part for me,” Kelly revealed openly on her show. It was also announced this week that Kelly has received custody of her children. Read on to find out everything we know so far about Kelly and Brandon’s divorce.

  • Kelly files for divorce. On June 4, the 38-year-old singer filed for divorce from the 43-year-old music manager after almost seven years of marriage. In court documents received from PeopleKelly cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their split and called their breakup date “TBD”.
  • Kelly says she didn’t see the breakup coming. During the second season premiere of The Kelly Clarkson Show In September Kelly filed for divorce. “I’m so glad I can still connect with all of you in my studio because as you probably know, 2020 has also changed my personal life a lot. I definitely didn’t see anything coming,” she said. “What I have to do is difficult because it affects more than my heart, it affects many little hearts. We have four children. Divorce is never easy. We are both from divorced families so we know the best to be here our children and their little hearts will be protected. ”She assured her audience that she was okay, but preferred to keep details from her children a secret.
  • Kelly receives primary custody of River Rose and Remington Alexander. “The Court notes that, in the circumstances of this case, the interest in ensuring stability and continuity for minor children is weighted in favor of the petitioner’s primary custody,” said court documents, referring to Kelly. The doctor added that “the level of conflict between parents has increased” because “the parties have difficulty becoming parents together because of trust issues between them”.
  • Brandon seeks support for spouses and children. According to PeopleThe music manager seeks $ 436,000 per month for spouse and child benefits. “Brandon was equally unreasonable in his child and spouse support requests and legal fees alike. Kelly has offered to pay all expenses for the children, but Brandon seems to believe he is entitled to $ 301,000 for spouse support and has $ 135,000 for children and they need support per month, “a source told the publication. “He’s also already charged $ 2 million in legal fees when he drove up the divorce bill and seven attorneys were just representing him.”
  • Kelly becomes open about her divorce again. During a December episode of The Kelly Clarkson ShowThe hostess discussed her divorce with writers Glennon Doyle and Alicia Keys. “I’m going through one right now,” she said, referring to the breakup. “It’s awful. There are so many difficult parts. The hardest part for me are the children. This is the hardest part for me.”
  • Kelly claims Brandon cheated on her out of millions of dollars. In December, Us weekly reported that Kelly filed legal documents with the California Labor Commission in October alleging that Brandon and his father Narvel’s Starstruck Management Company cheated on her by paying their defaulted fees during the 13 years she was with the company would have raised. She claimed her agreement was a “fraudulent and devious device” that allowed her managers to perform “illegal services” as agents for which they were never licensed as in California. Kelly seeks payment for all of the fees she has paid the company over the years.
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