Kep1er’s Mashiro and Xiaoting tested corona positive

December 14, 2021 date and day comes with the sad news for Netizens. The two members of Kep1er’s Member has been tested positive for covid-19 today. The news is very serious as the Covid-19 pandemic cause serious deterioration globally. Worldwide people are fighting with Corona virus and wining against the pandemic. This sudden news again created fear among people.

The very news is being confirmed by the Wake One and Swing Entertainment. They give the statement that Shen Xiaoting and Sakamoto Mashiro is confirmed with asymptomatic for corona virus.

They further utter that on 5th of December, they conduct the Covid-19 test for all the members and staff. They conduct the test because the on-site staff’s diagnosis with corona positive. After conducting the test, all the staff members tested negative apart from the former two. Since, then they mandate regular PCR testing for the health and protection of the staff. On 4th of December they postponed the debut For Kep1er, MNet’s latest K-pop girl group. Kep1er has canceled all his recent scheduled events. Wake One Entertainment further state that both of the members do not have any of the symptoms like pain, fever or any other. They further apologize to fans for worrying them and ensure them they will keep the health and safety of the members of Kep1er at the priority.

After hearing the news, social media is overloaded with lots of speedy recovery wishing messages for the duo. They are asking for their health and asking them for the rest and take care. The two are now self quarantine and in distance from others.

Apart from these two Kep1er members, Shin Hyun Been, the star of HOSPITAL PLAYLIST has been diagnosed with covid-19 too. According to news, Shin was in close contact with Covid-19 case. She immediately took a PCR test, unfortunately tested positive for the disease. Instead of vaccinated of both the doses of Corona, she tested positive. Shin Hyun Been is now self quarantine for about 14 days which is the standard days for quarantine. She has cancelled all her events and makes social distancing from everyone.

We wish for all the three for speedy recovery. The fans are shocked and praying for fast recovery. They are fans favorite star who are known for their acting and Tv appearances. The Asian fans commented on the actor’s social media posts for speedy recovery. We will share more on their health condition.

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