Khaya Xaba Demise Trigger: Age Tiktok Spokesperson Spouse

Khaya Xaba, who was known as Nehawu’s national spokesperson died of the covid-19 complications. He is in the national media news of the South Africa. Xaba worked in National Education, Health and Allied Workers Union. He joined with the organization in the 2016 and later got promoted to the national spokesperson responsibility. Is he the same personality on the Tiktok or not? This is query which is confusing the public. Through our sources, we found he was only using Twitter but not Tiktok. No active accounts found with his name. What was his age? Check below his death cause.

Who was Khaya Xaba?

Khaya Xaba was the nationality spokesperson of NEHAWU. He was a champion and activist in country. His sudden demise is shocking for the nation and workers. He was a hard working revolutionary who tried to change the lives of the working class. He joined as media liaison officer to NEHAWU. His contribution for the worker’s rights and laws is great. The national union shared the deep condolences message to his family.
He was the part of the MDM (Mass Democratic Movement). Xaba was supported by huge workers public in the movement. He had been part of the many other movements too in the past.

Khaya Xaba Death Cause

Khaya Xaba died from the covid-19. This is the third wave of the covid-19 in the country. There are many notable personalities or persons who lost their lives in the Covid pandemic. Xaba’s death is big loss to the nation and a community. He lost the battle of life against coronavirus and died on June 14 in the hospital.
Media and national leaders were paying tribute to him and also addressed his works and achievements.

His age was below 60 years before the death. Exact birthdate is not confirmed.

Khaya Xaba Facts

We have seen a lot of discussion of the Xaba’s profile on the Tiktok. But this is just rumor. He was only using the Twitter for making tweets and sharing thoughts with the public. Facts of his wife and kids are also not shared in the public. He was married and spent his last time with family. The death news was shared thorough Twitter post by the national media and family.

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