Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Pass Casino Shooting: Man arrested in connection


A shooting outside of the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino in Eagle Pass overnight has left everyone shocked and scared. The incident was reported outside casino on Sunday morning, December 5. They took the security responsibility and assured such incidents won’t repeat again.

A 29 year old suspect was taken into custody for his involvement with this incident, but it is unknown at this time if he will face charges. A vehicle was found around 12:50 a.m. on FM 2644 (El Indio Road). One arrest has been made in the case till now. Police deputies already started their investigation based on investigations and witness on the scene.

Man arrested in case

The officers were informed that a vehicle was possibly involved in an shooting and they might be heading towards Carrizo Springs. A man has been arrested by the police and suspected his involvement in the shooting incident at the Eagle Pass casino. The police arrested the man and investigating the case. No major evidences yet found in the case of Kickapoo shooting. The news of a shooting is shocking. The safety and well being of those involved has been reported as fortunate, with no injuries to report at this time. The situation is taken up seriously by the authorities.

The name of the arrested man is unavailable.

Eagle Pass Casino Shooting

The incident story was first shared by the Eagle Pass Casino on their official Facebook profile.

This unfortunate occurrence has left many wondering what could have caused such a tragedy in one small business community but this hasn’t been isolated incident at all by considering how much other businesses like hotels nearby reported being disrupted by something similar last night. After an hour of incident, the casino was reopened again as normal. The shooting incident occurred outside hotel and casino in night.

What happened so far?

The police are still investigating the incident and no details have been revealed yet.

A man was arrested in connection with shooting at Eagle Pass Casino, deputies say. They were able to track him down after checking unknown vehicle on road.

The locals panicked after incident and complained to police of active shooter was near. Officials were able to quickly establish order when it turned out not be true thanks to quick thinking from officers who responded immediately at being told what happened just minutes earlier by other responding agencies. The man’s identity will be revealed later if any involvement found in shooting case.

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