Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 4 Eng Sub, Release date, Spoilers

If you are fan of J-drama then here is a heart dropping news for you. Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 4 date is now out. It is releasing on October 30th and can be streamed on TV Asahi. It has taken up the slot of another famous J-Series called ‘The High School Heroes’. So buckle up to enjoy your weekly dose of Kieta Hatsukoi this weekend.
In general, Kieta Hatsukoi is adapted from a famous manga of similar name. Even though the story is adapted, the depiction of it on the digital platform is heart-warming. People are falling in love with the episodes as the series is taking up great turn. Previously, in episode 3, fans have encountered a strong rush in blood when two main characters Ida and Aoki had their moments.

In the previous episode of the J-drama, Hashimoto, Akkun, and Aoki went to Ida’s house. They planned up a study session, but after a while Hashimoto and Akkun left. Aoki asked Ida that he is feeling self-conscious on the situation they are in. He even tried to ask Ida that doesn’t he feel so? Ida confessed that he have got this thought several times in the day. Later, Aoki meets Ida’s mom and he gets to know that the people in the wallpaper was Ida and his mom playing the role of Cinderella and Prince charming. This happened at the time Aoki was leaving Ida’s home. Before he left, Aoki confessed to Ida that, he had taken Akkun’s help to get his way through and didn’t have any feelings. Both the characters are deeply hurt with this situation. At the same time, the audience but up their sorrow thoughts on watching this twist in the drama. Everyone expected them to be together as the drama cleared depicted an intimate connection between Ida and Aoki.

Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 4 Eng Sub

In the coming episode, the audience expects them to clarify this misunderstanding and bring back the warming scenes that end-up in episode 3. For people who wants to watch the series have to stream it on TV Asahi, sadly the trending J-drama isn’t available on any OTT platform yet.

The Kieta Hatsukoi episode 4 is available to watch. Those who are facing the subtitles and language issue can directly download the eng subs from the web. The eng subs file is now avilable for the episode four.

The Episode 5 of the Kieta Hatsukoi will be soon released by the makers.

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