Lady delivered her personal child in automobile travelling at 60mph

One woman gave birth to her daughter at 60 mph when her partner sped through flooded streets trying to reach a hospital in Cumbria.

28-year-old Chiara Musetti was minutes from Furness General Hospital when baby Siena “jumped out” while 32-year-old James Spence was circling a roundabout.

During the 45-minute drive from their Windermere home, the couple repeatedly had to stop their car to see if they could make it through the flooded streets.

Siena was born at 3:30 am on February 24th, weighing 8 pounds and is “really fine,” her parents said, despite her dramatic delivery.

Ms. Musetti described the moment when she gave birth to her second child in the passenger seat of the couple’s BMW 3 Series.


“We were about 10 minutes from the hospital when my water broke, then I knew the birth was going to be pretty quick. Her head came out about five minutes later, ”she said.

“I had to sit on the chair, take off my seat belt and pull down my leggings. She just fell out and I had to catch her in my arms. ”

She added that the mess when Siena was born appeared two and a half hours after her labor began.

“We tried to keep calm during the trip, but when she came out we screamed.

“When we got to the hospital, my partner ran out of shoes or socks because he had taken them off to test the flood.

“He told them what happened, and then the midwives ran to me. They couldn’t believe I had given birth in the moving car. ”

Ms. Musetti joked to the midwives that she did her job for them.

She was then taken to the hospital in a wheelchair, where she gave birth to the placenta, and observed for twelve hours before she was discharged.

“Siena is really fine now and she is the most relaxed baby which is shocking given her entry,” said Ms. Musetti.

Mr. Spence described the birth of his daughter as “the most intense experience of my life”.

“When the baby came out, three people in the car were screaming, me, Chiara and the baby that had just been born,” he said.

“I didn’t stay calm at all, it was the most intense experience of my life, but it’s worth seeing Siena.”

The couple say the birth of their first child began prematurely when they attended a wedding in Manchester. So they weren’t surprised that the birth of their second child also turned out to be eventful.

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