Lady Lacking For 11 Years Discovered Secretly Residing in Neighbor’s Home

An Indian woman who left home in 2010 and has not been seen since recently lived just 500 meters from her parents’ house in the house of a man she fell in love with.

Sajitha’s family had given up home to ever find her after she simply walked out of the house one day in 2010. They thought she died or lived thousands of miles away and they didn’t even think that here she could be the same village, let alone walk from them. It turned out that the woman, who was 18 at the time of her disappearance, simply walked out of her family’s home and into that of her secret lover, a local who she believed her parents would not approve of. How they managed to keep their two families’ secret for over a decade is a story fit for Bollywood.

Photo: Jayesh Jalodara / Unsplash

The young woman left no trace when she left her family home, did not carry a phone, and the police could not provide any real help. Her parents did not suspect a romantic affair with someone so close to them since it takes two to run away and no one was absent from the Ayalur village of Kerala.

Sajitha was only discovered earlier this month after 34-year-old Alinchuvattil Rahman suddenly disappeared from his family home three months ago and his family notified the police. One day his brother Basheer accidentally noticed him at the roadside and was able to follow him to a house in a neighboring village that he had rented with Sajitha.

Police took the couple to a local court that allowed them to live together legally after hearing their story. Apparently, the two of them come from two different religions and were sure their families would not approve of their love, so they decide to be secretly together.

“Their story sounds strange, but we took the couple to Rahman’s house and they told us how Sajitha had secretly lived in a single room all these years,” Deepa Kumar A, house officer at Nenmara Police Station, told the Indian Express.

That Sajitha’s family had no idea that she was only 500 meters away for over a decade is one thing, but Rahman’s family reportedly did not know of their presence in their home either. The young man who works as a house painter supposedly had a separate room that he kept locked away so that no one else could get in. Since he got angry when anyone asked about his room at all, his parents never really bothered him about it.

“Sometimes he acted like a mentally handicapped person, got violent when someone tried to get into his room,” said Basheer, the man’s anger. “He even took his food with him … During the day, when everyone was at work, Rahman and Sajitha had the house to themselves.”

Rahman’s room didn’t have a bathroom, so when she moved in he had the metal bars on the window sawed off so she could sneak out at night to use the toilet or when his parents who work in daily bets were gone. She even washed and dried her clothes in the same tiny room. Sajitha was apparently entertaining herself on a small television with headphones.

According to Rahman’s neighbors, he always remained to himself, was very secretive, so that some of them thought he had mental problems. He apparently ran away with his lover three months ago after his family began pressuring him about an arranged marriage. He never objected, to avoid suspicion, but always the subject.

By the time Sajitha was discovered, most of the people in the village had almost forgotten her, so you can imagine the shock her reappearance caused in the community.