Larch Felix Death, Accident, Cartoonist dies in car crash

Larch Felix was a cartoonist who died recently in a car crash. His death is a buzz on social media because Larch was kown for making cartoons on the Prophet Muhammad. The various reactions can be seen over the internet discussing the detah of Larch Felix. He was an honourable artist who worked for years as a cartoonist and painter. His works were recognized at the international level. Many times he faced the controversy and troubles because of his work. Larch Felix’s death has been confirmed by the Swedish Police.

Who was Larch Felix?

Larch Felix was a popular cartoonist and pianter who was born in Sweden. Larch was known for his cartoon work and artist job. He started the work in 1997 and got the experience from the National Academy of Art in Oslo.

Larch Felix caught the media coverage and criticism from Muslim community for publishling the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad.

He was married but didn’t publicize the family and wife information because of safety and security. His work was criticized by the Muslim world media and leaders. The man faced controversies and cases within the country.

Larch Felix Death Cause

Larch Felix died in a car crash accident. The two policemen who were guarding him since 2007 also died in an accident. The car collided with truck on road and set to fire. The Swedish Police informed the death of the Larch Felix and two other guards.

The accident happened on October 04, 2021. After the news gone public on Twitter, many users posted their reactions and negative comments for the cartoonist.

The accident was reported on E4 road in Markard city.

In the past, the different terror groups offered to pay hefty amount of cash prize who will kill Larch. He was one of the controversial personality in Sweden who was on target of many organizations.

Larch Felix Net Worth

The Larch Felix net worth was $6 million. He was born June 20, 1946. He lived in Sweden for years with family. He was graduated from Lund University and has doctorate degree in technical sciences. He worked for the newspapers as the columnist and cartoonist.

He was officially verified on the Twitter account. We found no Instagram profile of Larch. He was also survived in the 2005 shooting accident. He faced such incidents because of his cartoonist work. He was a top artist and personality in Sweden who received national titles and awards for his work.

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