Lauren Rowe Nanny: Women arrested after facebook post

We have a lot of hopes when we leave our children with babysitter, right? But what if your child is not secured with them? A similar incident took place in New Bern. Max Oglesby and Laura Oglesby allegedly accused their nanny Lauren Rowe to abuse their child. This incident was caught on camera and the nanny was taken into custody soon after it. The post gone viral from Facebook platform. The police took action on basis of photos shared on social media.

The parents reported this incident on 26th of October when they saw Lauren abusing their child in live camera feed. An arrest was made on 27th of October soon after the authorities found the woman guilty. The information mentioned above was recorded by court, but looks like Lauren got a bail within 30 minutes of arrest. The bars were set to as low as $2500.

As per the reports, the 2 year old child was forced to eat his food. Lauren twisted his wrist and forcibly tried to feed him food. This incident was recorded on the live feed of camera that are attached in the home of Mr and Mrs Oglesby. According to them, as soon as they saw the nanny physically abusing their child, they asked her to leave. She was relieved from her job after Max Oglesby’s mother came up to take care of the 2 year old child.
It is really dreadful to listen to something like this. The couple saw the feedback of the nanny and they admit that they hired her because her profile was verified by

You don’t expect it to happen to yours,” said Max Oglesby, father of the 2-year-old. “She was recommended to my wife on a Facebook group for New Bern moms. She’s got a check on freaking I feel like we took the right steps.

Max even shared the video online and it was viral within few hours of posting. He said that the reason behind him sharing the video was because he didn’t want other people to hire Lauren. His concern is genuine as parent’s attest their trust on babysitters and they are too keen about their children’s safety.

This latest incident from US shocked everyone. No one ever though of this kind of viral thing. The police behaved and investigated the case quickly. The lady will go to the prison on the charges of child abuse crime law of country.

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