Leading Cable TV Providers of 2022 in the USA

Nothing can beat the joy of watching cable TV. Although technology has given us a variety of options to watch live TV these days, waiting for a show to stream is still a frustrating experience regardless of how fast the Internet. From watching local news to live football games on a large screen, no matter how many better options emerge, America will always love traditional TV.

Since Americans love cable TV so much, there’s no shortage of providers bringing vast channel lineups to our homes. They compete with each other by offering wonderful perks. Whether you are planning to switch providers or you are getting your first cable connection, let’s explore some of the well-known providers:

1: Cox

Cox TV packages cater to the needs of families, sports fans, movie buffs, and reality TV fans. Contour TV plan is one of their best customization deals. It offers 140+ channels that capture the interest of all types of audiences. This plan includes nearly every channel except for specialty sports and premium networks. Those who are looking for a simper place, Cox start TV package is perfect. It’s budget-friendly as well.

If you are one of those users who like self-installation and troubleshooting, you would admire Cox. It has a huge library of how-to videos that enable customers to solve most of their issues themselves.
The provider covers a range of popular channels, HD programming, and premium channels like Cinemax, Showtime, HBO, and STARZ. Subscribers can also add channels to their package by choosing one of Cox PAKs.

2: Spectrum

Spectrum is an ideal cable TV provider because (A) it has no contracts and (B) it offers the most channels than any other provider.

Considering that the provider doesn’t have a contract, its prices are still reasonable. Their packages are really simple – TV Select, Silver, and Gold. Silver package includes Showtime and HBO. TV gold, on the other, gives you access to STARZ, NFL Redzone, HBO, TMC, ShowTime, and a few more premium channels.

The provider charges a monthly price for a TV receiver and DVR which isn’t that costly. All Spectrum cable TV plans come with FREE HD and primetime on-demand. With the Spectrum TV app, subscribers can watch live TV on the road on their mobile devices by simply connecting to the Internet.

3: Optimum

Optimum is yet another cable TV service that doesn’t have contracts. Unfortunately, the provider’s services are available in 4 states only which include Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The provider has three cable TV plans – Optimum Core, Optimum Select, and Optimum Silver. Most families choose the select package since it brings the most value. It includes notable channels like NFL Network, BBC World News, and Sundance TV. On the contrary, if you would like premium channels, the premier package is for you. It includes three premium channels HBO, Starz, and ShowTime.

Optimum cable is only offering a cloud DVR that lets you record up to 15 programs at a once. You can also pause live TV and binge-watch later.

4: Mediacom

While Mediacom only sells its cable TV plans bundled with Internet services, it’s still a great provider. Their starting plan called Local Plus TV brings you 60 Mbps of Internet speed and basic networks like ABC, CW, and NBC. This is a must-have deal for individuals who would like to have the option of watching cable without breaking their bank.

The provider has plans for families and movie lovers too. Its Xtream cable TV packages are wonderful for homeowners who would like seamless entertainment.

How to Choose the Best Cable TV Provider?

To choose the best cable TV provider that meets your budget and entertainment needs, here are your options:


Depending on the region where you live, not all providers might be operating in your area. It is a real disappointment if the provider has everything you like but they don’t cover your region. Other than this, some plans are only available in a few regions. To avoid the displeasure, always check the availability first.
Consider Your Viewing Habit

Choose a package that covers most of your favorite channels. If you would like to customize the package, see if the provider is offering this liberty. It’s best to know your TV habits before settling for a bundle.
List down the channels you watch most frequently and then compare the packages offered by different providers.

Watch Out for the Fees

Many cable TV providers have introductory offers that only valid for a year. Don’t just settle on the introductory pricing, look at the standard rate as well to be aware of the price spikes. Also consider the installation fee, service fee, and equipment charges.

The Takeaway

Meet your entertainment needs by choosing a cable TV provider that promises you the best service, the channel lineup you like, and an affordable monthly bill. One can always bundle the services for a bargain after finding your go-to cable TV provider.

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