Lexi Dbess Dead in car accident, video shared on Jamaicaloop

Lexi Dbess Death from Car Accident

The death of popular YouTuber Lexi Dbess quickly went viral on social media. Road accidents are still a serious issue today, claiming the life of yet another young star. Lexi Dbess, also known as Jamaica Loop, makes content that is so engaging that people began to love her for her comedy videos. Death unexpectedly met her just as she was making a name for herself.

Who was Lexi Dbess?

According to officials, Lexi Dbess, a Jamaican Youtuber, was murdered in a car accident. Lexian Williams was one of three passengers in a car that was involved in an accident on the North Coast Highway at Spring Hill, Trelawny. Lexi was in the driver’s seat of a Toyota Mark X driven by Kenroy Smith, a 25-year-old guy who had picked her up. They were driving to Rio Bueno Square for a Cook Out Vibes event.

Lexi Dbess Car Accident

The collision occurred yesterday, March 18, 2022, at around 6:45 p.m., while the two cars were travelling in opposite directions. There was also Celia, Lexi’s supposed best friend. Lexi Dbess’s marital status has not been disclosed. She must be concealing her relationship from the public while making her comedy videos. The identity of her boyfriend remains unclear.

She is not included on Wikipedia, although there are several biographies about her on the internet. She owns the “Dbess Seductive” boutique, according to her Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @lexi dbess, and she has 137K followers and 102 posts as of March 2022. Lexian Williams is the real name of the social media influencer.

Lexi Dbess Death Cause

Lexi Dbess, who was born in 2001, is claimed to be 20 years old. It pains me to learn that she died at such a young age. Her family and relatives must be crushed by the news, and her admirers are equally taken aback by her demise. Some have offered their condolences, while others have expressed their surprise.

On Twitter, there are films that blend footage of the car with collision scenes. We couldn’t see her face since her head was on the front of the automobile. It looks to be her, however.

Lexi DBess was a talented, young comedian who often posted videos online. On Saturday night she went out with friends and got into an accident that left her in critical condition. Lexi DBess’s death is a big loss for his fans and community. May her soul rest in peace.

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