Lilly Summers aka Bad Kitty on Twitter, new statement of model

What would you do if your life was at stake? For Lilly Summers, the answer is easy. She knows how important it can be to get information about dangerous situations and she doesn’t care what consequences come along with doing something wrong. She is in news and discussion on social media because of unexpected statements. In a statement on social media, she said to sleeping with all Russian soldiers who refuse to obey Putin.

There are many tips on avoiding getting caught by police while trying not only survive but also thrive in these difficult times ahead of us. Who is Lilly summers? Here we have life, bio and career details of the star.

Who is Lilly Summers?

Lilly Summers is a social media influencer who has many followers on her Pocketstars and Onlyf account. She is an adult model who shares images and photos on the paid platforms. One message revealed her plans for what she’ll do if Ukraine’s military defense succeeds; another showed off a new menu featuring raunchy things as options when you click through from these menus.

The model is also known by name Bad Kitty on the Twitter profile where she posted an official tweet about it.

Lilly Summers is a model

Ukraine has been under trouble by Putin because of the Ukraine-Russia crisis, and adult starlets like “Just trying to have fun” are speaking out.

The following morning, Lilly revealed more details about her trip to the war zone and what fans can expect from it. She assured everyone that she will be sending pictures via Pocketstars so there’s no need for anyone else.

Lilly Summers is a professional model.

When it comes to Ukraine, you know who is directly behind the scenes? Bad Kitty. And in support of her favorite country she has come out with a new price list for fans on adult platform as though creating an actual TV show drinking game.

How fans reacted to it?

Lilly’s statement quickly took by the netizens on social media. They criticized the model for making such comments on public platform. While many praised her for her support to the country. The Ukraine is in war this time and the world is divided into the two parts.

She has only few hundreds of followers on Twitter she had at this time though it seems that more people are starting pay attention as of late on her profile.

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