Lookdle Game, answer for pixelated picture guessing game

Lookdle is the new pixelated picture guessing game puzzle, how to play it online

Well, have you been in the crazy ride of amazing Wordle world? We have curated an another game information called Lookdle. It belongs to the same stream line, but has a unique way to answer. The game has been announcing various amazing factors such as enjoyable methodology and also an entertainment gig. So, if you are looking to enjoy a better gaming experience with something interesting, then you are at the right place. The third-party developers have developed an interesting game flow that keeps you tagged along with the game for long hours.

What is Lookdle game?

So what is Lookdle? To know about the game, continue to follow our article till the very end. It is going to be an entertaining ride indeed. The game was brought up by a third party developer, and it is little bit similar to the Wordle game. You have to guess the name of the famous character that you can see on the screen. The game begins in this way, you go to the website, and you will find a character on the screen. This is a pixel picture of a famous character. You have to guess the name by entering the person name.

How to play image pixel guessing game?

Every time you answer wrong, the image gets less pixelated. You will have 5 chances to answer and then you lose. The sooner you answer the character name, the more points you get. You will have a statistics button at the top. This allows you to keep a track on your score among your friends. You can share the game on social media and challenge various people to compete with you. This is what makes the game more interesting. So you have to keep on going until you climb top of the leader board.

Daily Answers and hints

The Lookdle game is interesting as it involves us to guess something. Every midnight the game gets reset and you can answer another new puzzle. Currently people are just loving to play the game as it is not just a guessing game, but also keeps you entertained for long time. It is time to show people your skills.

The user can choose the answer from the list given on the official website. The player need to guess the name of the pixelated photo from the list.

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