Lost Ark Roadmap 2022 leaked on Reddit & Twitter after adjustment release

Majority of times, we are given hopes and updates on something, and it is taken down. The most recent incident related to same took place with Lost Ark Roadmap. In the recent update of the game, a road map was released, which was allegedly taken down. This concerns many users as they were hoping to look at a good road map update to solve their quest. What exactly happened and when can we expect another road map in the near future?

Lost Ark Roadmap 2022

Basically, in the recent update a road map was released. But it was taken down immediately. Smilegate and Amazon games took down their articles on the road map update as the game developers asked them to withdraw it. Majority of blog websites stating anything related to the game have taken it down as well. According to the developers, it was released ‘yet too soon’. This clearly explains that, sometimes a slip of hand can make major changes. The developers even said that, any recent update (they meant the road map) is subject to change, so please wait till the updated version is released.

Lost Ark Roadmap release

One of the community manager posted on Reddit that, “Please be aware are making adjustments to our upcoming content roadmap based on player progression data, so what you see may be subject to change.” This clearly explains that it may take some time for the upcoming road map update. So all the players who are eagerly waiting for Lost Ark Roadmap need to wait until the developers push the original update. We can expect three consecutive updates in March, April, and May month.

What has been shared?

A new Kadan Story, the first Abyss Raid, launch of The Destroyer, a new class for warriors, introducing The Arcanist, etc. many more updates are yet to come. So this is a message to all the Lost Ark fans that the road map will release soon in the coming weeks. If they are waiting, then they can read the article posted on NME. For any other update, stay tuned with us, we will update you all along.

Lost Ark is getting great response and downloads from the gamers. The 2 classes has been introduced in the new roadmap. It will bring more challenges and spirit to the game. Only the roadmap has been leaked before the release of new update which is going to arrive soon.

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