Lucy the Elephant now an AirBnB choice for Malgate vacationers

Those looking for a one-of-a-kind Jersey Shore experience may find it in Margate, where visitors have the option to book an overnight stay at Lucy the Elephant.

Lucy will be available for AirBnB bookings starting March 5th. Reservations are possible from March 17th, 18th and 19th. Guests can only stay one night for the modest price of $ 138 – as Lucy is 138 years old.

Built in 1881, Lucy the elephant claims to be the oldest extant zoomorphic structure in the world. The Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty are already fewer than them. It was built as a tourist attraction, but the family of a visiting doctor from England rented it for the summer of 1902 and lived there to convert the interior into bedrooms, kitchen and other living areas.

They will have been the last to spend the night in Lucy until the next month’s guests arrive.

The Save Lucy Committee, the organization dedicated to their preservation, makes the booking with AirBnB, which in return donates to the cause. It is the only remaining elephant of three similar structures that James Lafferty, a Philadelphia-based real estate developer, built on the east coast.

Richard Helfant, Executive Director of the group, will stay nearby and guide AirBnB guests through their unique stay.

“I’ve been by Lucy’s side for 50 years and she’s been part of so many unique moments,” Helfant said in a press release. “I can’t wait to show the guests what Lucy is about.”

The Elephant usually functions as a popular, 6-story tourist destination in the Jersey Shore town, about five miles south of Atlantic City. It offers views of the ocean and the nearby city skyline. More than 100,000 paying visitors a year climb the stairs to see Lucy and enjoy the view from above.

Guests at the historic site, celebrated by the Save the Lucy committee, include President Woodrow Wilson and his wife, and Henry Ford. The structure has run out of running water, but the spacious ceiling and Victorian decorations make up for it. And for the happy AirBnB guests there is a caravan outside.

Lucy’s exterior resembles elephants, which are used for popular and controversial tourism in places like Thailand. It is equipped with a “Howdah”, as the driver’s seat is called.

The Margate Community also hosts a toenail painting celebration for Lucy every July, where the nail color is chosen by online voting.

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