Lulusia Kingdom from One Piece 1060 spoilers shocks fans

What is Lulusia Kingdom in One Piece 1060: Some Secrets and Some Facts

Lulusia Kingdom is the name many people know. It is a kingdom that is there in the Paradise. It is a kingdom that is affiliated to World Government. People who know about this kingdom appreciate the things here. The kingdom is a very peaceful one and if you are curious to know about this kingdom then the post is totally made for you.

Secrets of Lulusia Kingdom

There have been many fallouts and terrible things that had happened during the Marineford War but still this kingdom has maintained to hold on to its forte very easily. If this kingdom infiltrates any nation then it can easily create havoc without any second thoughts.

Recently in a talk Jean Ango had spoken to Luffy about this kingdom and how actually he has tracked down that kingdom but it is looking pretty vahue as of now. Oda says that there will be a requirement of time to track down this kingdom properly.

When hunting Blackbeard and Moda, Ace had said that he has visited this amazing kingdom. We do not know how far it is true but the story is quite interesting hearing it from Ace without any second thoughts. It is heard that he along with his revolutionary commanders had defeated Peachbeard the junior of Blackbeard and helped the citizens very well.

Basic information of Lulusia Kingdom

Lulusia Kingdom has got Romanized name that is Rurushia Okoku while its English name is Lulucia. The layout of the island is quite interesting. If you have not seen its layout it is high time that you see that. The castle is huge and it looks quite astonishing. The peace of past is not there but still the castle is something that we should look at. The kingdom is an example of surviving the war.

One Piece 1060 Spoilers

In the latest spoilers of the 1060 chapter of One Piece, fans came to know about the Lulusia Kingdom. What is it and why is has been surfaced on the latest chapters of the anime series.

The fans are excited for the new story and place in the series as it reveals the new characters and story.

LULUSIA KINGDOM is the kingdom which was destroyed by the Imu-sama in the new chapter. The new reveals will surface up on the social media in the upcoming spoilers and chapters.

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