Madi Brooks Tiktok (@madibrooks567): Age, Instagram, video

Madi Brooks is the Tiktok creator and lady who stunned everyone on social media from her statements. Madi Brooks got the attention of fans when she shared something of their husband and family relationship. She claimed that she shares husband with her sister and mum “to keep him happy”. Many are confused with the statements and context in it. The social media took no time to viral this shocking claim and statement. Madi Brooks can be seen in a video saying the statement. The video is viral on the socia media and getting mixed reactions from the users.

Who is Madi Brooks?

Madi Brooks is common Tiktok user and wife. She got social media attention because of the statements and claims she made. Here is what she actually said:

Me and my mom are both swingers and it’s great, you know why? Because when I’m not in the mood I can just let my husband have her.

Yeah, I’m that kind of wife.

“I let my husband have her a couple of times a week.

Madi shared about the open relationship of her husband with her sister and mom. She said in a Tiktok video which she uploaded to the account handle @madibrooks567.

Madi Brooks statement

The controversial statement of Madi Brooks left many users on Tiktok shocked. They are asking her queires and reacted to the video. This is rarely first time when a wife shared shuch things on social media. The users are taking interest in this topic and now discussions has been started on different messaging forums.

In what direction the humans are heading? Are such type of open relationships accepted in society?

For the reason Madi Brooks is trending on Twitter and Tiktok UK. The new topic of dicussion initiated on the social media after the viral video.

Instagram profile

There are number of profiles available with name Madi Brooks on Instagram. The Madi Brooks official account is not verified yet. She is not any kind of influencer or star who has lots of fan following. Madi is a Tiktok user who just got spotlight and attention for shocking relationship cliams and statements.

Her sister name is also not known. Her personal bio information is very limited on Tiktok profile section.

Madi have one younger sister who lives with her in same house. She can seen in a video or picture shared by the Madi Brooks on Tiktok.

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