Male Scammers Use Silicone Breast Prosthesis to Pose as Enticing Girls On-line

Police in China recently warned of “fake women” who use realistic-looking silicone breast forms to trick men into taking off their clothes during online chats and then blackmailing them with the footage.

If the past few years have taught us anything, you definitely shouldn’t trust anything you see online. From commercially available apps like FaceApp to advanced deepfake and artificial intelligence, technology has gotten so good at tricking the human eye that you just can’t trust your vision anymore. But it’s not just technology either. Recent reports suggest that gangs of Chinese men have used rudimentary tools such as silicone breasts and makeup to pose as women online and blackmail gullible people.

Chinese police reported that gangs of ruthless criminals blackmailed men after they were tricked into chatting with them naked over the Internet. You would reach out to respected professionals such as doctors, teachers or civil servants and reach out to them on social media posing as attractive women. Then, after gaining their trust, they convinced her to strip down and chat naked.

The scammers would then encourage their victims to download an app to watch videos of them naked in order to gain access to their phone number and contacts. They would then proceed to blackmail the victims out of vital sums of money by threatening to send the compromising videos of them naked to family and friends.

The blackmail method for nude chat has become very popular in China. The Guangdong Public Security Division said the police had received more than 9,200 reports of extortion related to nude chat in the first half of 2020 alone.

A video released by police earlier this month shows an attractive-looking woman slimming her breast, which turns out to be a silicone prosthesis, and then peeling off a layer of artificial skin from her face as well. It’s pretty shocking to be honest. The clip also includes photos of men with similar breast prostheses.

“You think what you think is what you think?” says a policewoman in the video. “Guys, don’t chat naked. That’s cheating. “

The video recently went viral in China, leaving most viewers open-mouthed about the ability of these male criminals to transform into fake women.


“That’s why you shouldn’t have a relationship with someone you meet online, because the pretty woman can be a man!” one person wrote.

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